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EZ Hobby Site update  -  May 26, 2012

Thai version of our website is already finished... :)

Finally! EZ Hobby is now officially supports Thai language on our website.

Not all parts of our site uses Thai because of html encoding issues but almost majority of the site are converted to Thai.

Note: Still the shopping cart will not have a Thai version since Mal's E-commerce (shopping cart) doesn't support Thai encoding yet.

Thank You to everyone for having patience and endless support for our first ever venture on a very competitive E-Commerce world. :)

EZ Hobby Site update  -  April 5, 2012

Hooray! all products are available now for purchasing... & more...

We are so glad and proud to announce to everyone that all items on our Products Page are available for purchasing.

Our next move is to have a Thai version of our website for all our loyal Thai customers and newcomers.

Note: Only the shopping cart will not have a Thai version since Mal's E-commerce (shopping cart) doesn't support Thai encoding yet.

Again... we would like to Thanks all of you for the support and continuous love for our products. Enjoy! :)

EZ Hobby Site update  -  March 6, 2012

NEW! 3D Puzzle and Product Updates!

We have a new product which is the 3D Puzzle. Check out this very cool product that will astonish kids of all ages.

A lot of new product updates including new items for EZclay, EZsand, EZscratch, EZpaint & EZfabric. Have fun... :)

EZ Hobby Site update  -  January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's 2012! the year of the Dragon! have a splendid and amazing new year! :)

EZ Hobby Site update  -  November 30, 2011

EZdiy+ & EZscratch are now available...

It's official, new products EZscratch size S & L and EZdiy+ can be purchased here. You can find & purchase online through our Products page and it's corresponding links.

There is more coming this December 'till 2012. Thank You and enjoy discovering and exploring our great products.

EZ Hobby Site update  -  October 31, 2011

EZ Hobby is now open for business...

As of tonight we are officially open for business. We would like to Thanks everyone for the patience and support.

You can now order EZclay from this website. Other products will follow this November onwards.

EZ Hobby Site update  -  September 13, 2011

E-commerce Integration & a lot more...

We are proud to say that our website is now integrated with a secured & safe E-commerce shopping cart & payment system.

You can buy our great products via Bank Transfer & Credit Cards thru PayPal when our site opens.

You will notice on the upper left side is a very neat & simple Cart Summary where you can view your total of items that you desire before ordering & paying.

We add a lot of noticeable enhancements to our website every time we can to make it more fun & easy for you our customers. By October we are ready and live for purchasing and hope you'll love it. See you all soon... Thank You... :)

EZ Hobby Site update  -  August 9, 2011

Updated Products page & EZclay!

We've updated & renamed all our products to be unique & easily be familiar to all our valued customers.

Paper Clay is now known as EZclay and you can check now the updated EZclay page from the Products page.

More to come... :)

EZ Hobby Site update  -  August 8, 2011

Updated News page!

Another easy way for EZ Hobby customers and visitors to check news & updates of our website.

EZ Hobby Site update  -  August 3, 2011

Cool Improvements

We are enhancing the website to a much simple and user friendly interface before it’s launch.

You will notice the the EZ Hobby bar on the top for quick access of the essential navigation bars and search bar & also below is the Meebo bar that showcases our Youtube Videos, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Tweets...

Please stay tuned, we are coming soon... Thank You.

EZ Hobby Site update  -  July 15, 2011

Featured Product...

We have our first featured product and is also our first ever product which is EZClay.

Very easy and fun to play for kids of all ages.

Check the Products page for all available info.

EZ Hobby Site update  -  July 9, 2011

Important Links!

Check out our available Product videos on our YouTube channel .

Please feel free to comment, suggest or request anything regarding our website on our Facebook page .

In the meantime please visit us at for all product details and purchasing. Thank You.

EZ Hobby Site update  -  July 8, 2011

Hello! Art lovers,

WELCOME! We are EZ Hobby and this is our new website! We are still under construction and will be officially live and open this coming October.

Thank You…

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