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About the Company

Established in 2007, Art by Kids Co., Ltd. offers unique and innovative services for kids of all ages. For the past 4 years we have been known to be one of the most popular places all across Thailand for people that loves fun, easy & artistic activities/products that enhances creativity & powering one’s imagination.  

With our progressive and never ending desire to show people cool ideas & fresh concepts, Art by Kids has gained phenomenal acceptance in the Thai market. Because of this amazing wide spread response we have extended our network to 11 current workshops/branches and more coming soon...

Fast forward to 2011, with the rise and demand of people shopping/buying online or what is more popularily known as E-Commerce comes the birth of EZ Hobby. This is the result of the passion, determination and love for the many supporters we have. We are proud to say that our website showcases all the top quality products, incredible services & support for all our valued customers.

Fun, beautiful, smooth, advanced yet simple and user friendly web content for everyone are the main goals that we focus, emphasize and really work hard to implement in our website. We challenge ourselves in our first venture to a very competitive E-Commerce universe.

This is just a start of something great. We will continue to do our best to further develop & create new exciting ways to stimulate & indulge everyone’s love for art.

EZ Hobby & beyond
Our Mission

We are committed to teaching children to explore & encourage self-expression. We help them build important skills in developing their natural gifts in art and to strengthen their self-esteem. When parents enter their child’s world of art activity, the child blossoms with more confidence to explore and learn. In the process, parents will also start enjoying the experience with them.

Because of the vast popularity of our products and services even youngsters & adults alike have appreciated how wonderful and enjoyable it is. That is why we have improvised everything to cater every single person that loves what we have to offer.

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